Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I cant really explain how happy I am to have Joey home. He is already back to work and I miss him like crazy through the days but am so happy to have him home with us at night! Khloe is in love with him and already has cast me to the side for her daddy.. ;)

The night before I did not sleep at all and Joey got back into the states at around 3 am he had called me so there was no way I was going back to sleep! So I just started getting stuff ready to go. After what felt like days we were ready to head to the airport. We left way too early but I couldn't stay in the house any longer. I was meeting a few of the other girls there and thank goodness if my friend Amy wouldnt have been there I probably would have went crazy. I was so anxious and ready for him. I was about to burst into tears at any moment. At one point I really thought I was going to pass out HA. Then we started to see more families showing up and cameras?! I wasnt sure what was going on then a reporter came over and told us the news was going to film it and that there would be a welcoming line as we left the building. O GEEZ talk about making things worse ... now while im about to break down I have to worry about the camera! About and and hour and 1/2 or so after I go to the airport the flight people were announcing that the plane had just landed and told EVERYONE with ear shot what was going on. I am actually tearing up just remembering the feeling of him being so close after all this time. the door came open and the guys started running to there familes . There was one guy who was seeing his baby girl for the first time and it was so awesome to see that. I t was all kind of a blur at this point because it was just a lot of chaos. I kept watching and watching for him but he still hadnt come out. All around us people were cheering for the guys and at one point I was thinking he wasnt on the plane.. BUT THEN I saw him coming and I couldnt just stand there so we ran to him. The words to explain how I was feeling at that time are really just not there. I was in shock and overwhelmed. we kissed and hugged and kissed again. Khloe just stared at him then he scooped her up and she was all smiles. Seeing him hold her again was amazing. My family was back together and it was really one of the best days of my life. We started walking out and he had ordered roses for me that some of his squadron were there with signs and handing them out and I thought that was it.. NOPE! We are walking down and there are Veterans with flags and families with signs. All cheering.. I never realized how proud I am of Joey for sacrificed so much for our country. Khloe was enjoying the ride bouncing around while Joey held her. I dont think she is used to being so high up:). We finally made it to the car and after a scary ride (since Joey hadn't drove in so long hehe) we were finally home as a family again!

This is the video that was on the news and of course they got me crying but o well. It gives you the feeling of how it was!

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  1. Congratulations on your man coming home! Mine just came back too, but I don't think he was gone as long as yours. Enjoy your time. Hooray!